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We Help YOU Sell More Mattresses with Mattress Branding!

We help mattress manufacturers and
retailers raise brand awareness,
draw consumer interest and add perceived value.




Dress for Success

Our options include foot protectors, an assortment of pillows, bolsters, pillow shams and other display materials.

The experts at Marble Print Solutions can help you:

  • Elevate brand presence
  • Attract customer interest
  • Add perceived value
  • Improve product knowledge

Increase average unit selling price

How a mattress is “dressed” will influence how much a consumer thinks it is worth. Drawing on our extensive experience we use various fabrics and design elements to reinforce good-better-best merchandising programs. These strategies help identify the step up features that will differentiate mattress brands and collections. Ultimately, these approaches help salespeople increase revenue by improving the final unit selling price.

We can help!

Successful implementation of a display and branding program helps improve product knowledge at point-of-sale. Our mattress branding allows salespeople to quickly and easily communicate all the features and benefits of a mattress to their customers.

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