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4 Creative Ways to Promote Your Next School Event Using Visual Graphics

How visual graphics help schools

Schools work tirelessly to prepare students for bright futures and in doing so provide a vast array of activities, extracurricular events and celebrations. Over the course of a school year, discos, productions, fetes, graduations and fundraisers occur frequently. Visual graphics and signage for these events are an integral part of communicating information and fueling excitement.

Event Promotion

If your school has an important event approaching like a fundraiser, musical or fete, then signage and visual graphics are a great way to create a buzz. Use event signage for promotions, particularly if you want the event to extend beyond the school gates and engage the broader community. Promotional signage is a great way to involve parents, students, sponsors and neighbors in upcoming school functions. Colorful posters and signs can be placed throughout the school grounds and in popular gathering spots for the local community like coffee shops, libraries and retail stores. Appropriate signage is a great way to spread the word about your school’s upcoming event.

School Banners

Indoor and outdoor banners can communicate a variety of school messages. Inside banners can be used to congratulate the student body on achievements, welcome new students, and reinforce school values and mottos. Outdoor banners can reach visitors and prospective families, they provide a way for you to highlight achievements, extracurricular activities or provide contact information for new enrollments.


Award ceremonies and celebrations are common school events. Whether an inauguration for school captains, a graduation, or the celebration of a sporting championship, pennants and bannerettes make for a wonderful presentation item. These can be give as a gift to students or hung on the wall of the school as memorabilia.

Design Contests

A great way to involve students in your communication and marketing efforts is to hold contests where students can actually design banners and signage for the school. Consider design competitions themed around 100 days of school, book week, education week and ride to school days. This will heighten awareness of the event and will make the signage exciting for students, knowing that it has been designed by one of their classmates

Need some inspiration?

School events can be enhanced by the creative use of visual graphics. Whether you’re looking to promote your event, increase excitement, give praise or say thank-you, signage is a the perfect way for those sentiments to be put into eye-catching visual statements. The team at Marble Print Solutions can help you select the right design and product to suit your display’s budget, location and purpose.